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Field Lodge 2015

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Drawing of the Tracing Board in sand as it was in the old days done, by Bro. Fred in the Kring.

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Field Lodges

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Field lodges held by the Kring are always great days for the family, and bring the feeling back how it was done in the early days. With afterwards the great Aussy BBQ with wife’s and kids.

We have held Field Lodges in Portsea on the beach, in Rye on a farm, and in Baynton in a winery, and afterwards we show the ladies our setup of our Lodge room.


October 2014 Field Lodge in Stawell

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Our  October 2014 meeting was a Field Lodge at the Farm of Bro. Anthony Martin in Stawell
The weather was perfect for the occasion and  several members wore the  Costumes of the old days.
The Field lodge ceremony was followed by  many questions from the  guests, most of whom had never seen a  Field Lodge before.

Afterwards we had a BBQ  which was prepared by Bro. Geoff Ballinger who cooked to perfection and everyone had  plenty to eat.

Overall the day was most enjoyable for  Members and guests and we are looking forward to doing it again in October 2015.

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